Australian Bull Kelp

Australia's Bull Kelp is a fast growing, brown macroalgae (Durvillaea potatorum). Able to grow 10-14 cm per day, and does not have flowers, seeds or roots like other plants. Instead, the plants fix themselves to rocks using a root-like structure called a ‘holdfast’ to prevent being swept away. These are remarkably strong, but some kelp plants can still be found washed up on the shore after strong storms. The plants can live intertidally where waves give them moisture between the high and low tides. They can live for up to eight years

MAOLI Australian Kelp (MAK)

MAK is manufactured from Australian bull kelp (Durvillaea potatorum) from the pristine waters of Tasmania using a unique cold digestion process to retain the full nutritional value of the kelp and preserving the quality of the natural plant growth.

Cold digestion process retains all of the natural attributes of Australian bull kelp, with none of the denaturing features inherent in some other manufacturing procedures that involve heat and alkaline extraction. 

MAK is highly effective for use in foliar applications and can also be used as a soil drench or seed treatment and fertigation. 

•MAK is an organic plant growth stimulant and soil revitaliser.

•Benefits of MAK include:

      –revitalises soil and assist the uptake of key nutrients

      –promotes root growth and vigour

      –improves colouring in leaves

      –assists plant stress recovery

      –improves water retention

      –stimulates root development

      –stimulates calcium uptake 

      –improves fruit quality and shelf life


MAOLI australian kelp     3%K  1%S (Kelp)

MAOLI multi            4%K   4%S 0.5%Mg 0.5%B 0.15%Cu 1.3%Fe 1.1% Mn 1.44%Zn 14.4% Amino Acid (Kelp)

MAOLI Umico          4%K   4%S (kelp & humic acid)

• MAOLI Range can be widely used on all crop types.

• Capable of supplying multiple or singular nutrients, whilst also causing a biostimulant effect.

• May improve plant establishment.

• May enhance yield and quality and reduce disease severity.

• Can prevent and aid in recovery from abiotic stress

• Can enhance flowering and fruit set

• Will improve plant vigour.

For more information please view the MAOLI Product Label or Safety Data Sh